Southern Beech Timber Flooring Sydney

Southern Beech is our common name for this hard wearing hardwood. As one of the lighter species it is proving to be very popular in current interior designs, where the blend of subtle lighter colours tend to make the spaces look larger and the natural markings make it a fabulous addition to any home.

As flooring material Southern Beech wears well having an above average hardness rating of 6.4kn. The texture of the wood is quite even and often has a very interesting interlocked grain that is commonly scattered with gum vein and old insect trails.
Density Janka hardness Moisture Content Grades Dimensions (mm)
780kg/m3 7.1kn Kiln dried to 9% - 12% Select, Standard and Natural Feature Grade (Limited in Select gr.) 80x19, 130x19, 180x19