Blackbutt, New England

New England Blackbutt - Eucalyptus campanulat; Eucalyptus Andrewsii

New England Blackbutt AKA  New England Black Butt, Blackbutt New England, Black Butt New England, Black Butt, Blackbutt

New Englang Blackbutt Wood Appearance

Colour – The material is very similar in appearance and properties to Blackbutt (E. pilularis). The colour ranges from pale browns to straw blondes

Grain – Usually quite straight

New England Black Butt Wood Properties

Density – 850 kg/m3

Durability – Not Available

Hardness – Not Available

New Englang Blackbutt Identification Features

Sapwood – Not Available

Heartwood – Ranges from pale browns to straw blondes

Texture – Not Available

New England Black Butt Wood Structure

Growth Rings – Not Available

Vessels – Not Available

Parenchyma – Not Available

Rays – Not Available

Gum Veins - Common

New England Blackbutt Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – Not Available