New Guinea Rosewood

New Guinea Rosewood – Pterocarpus indicus

New Guinea Rosewood AKA Rosewood New Guinea, Rosewood, NG Rosewood

rosewood new guinea

New Guinea Rosewood Wood Appearance

Colour – Heartwood varies from red to red brown, golden brown or blood red

Grain – Mostly interlocked and wavy

New Guinea Rosewood Wood Properties

Density – 529 kg/m3

Durability – Not Available

Hardness – Not Available

New Guinea Rosewood Identification Features

Sapwood – Not clearly distinguishable

Heartwood – Varies from red to red brown, golden brown or blood red

Texture – Medium

New Guinea Rosewood Wood Structure

Vessels – Not Available

Parenchyma – Not Available

Ripple Marks – Ripple Marks are visible to the naked eye

New Guinea Rosewood Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – Not Available

Growth Rings – Growth rings are a characteristic feature, producing a flame like figure on back sawn boards. Quarter sawn has a distinct ribbon figure

Odour - Has a persistent and pleasant odour