Ash, Silvertop

Silvertop Ash Timber – Eucalyptus sieberi

Silvertop Ash AKA Ash Silvertop

Wood Appearance

Colour – Heartwood pale brown, sometimes with a tinge of pink, sapwood narrow and indistinguishable. Pin hole borer discolouration common.

Grain – Grain often interlocked, medium texture

Wood Properties

Density – 820 kg/m3

Durability – Class 3 – Moderately resistant to decay when fully exposed to the weather, clear of the ground and well drained with free air circulation. Not recommended for in-ground use.

Hardness – Hard (rated 2 on a 6 class scale) in relation to indentation and ease of working with hand tools.

Identification Features

Sapwood – Light brown in colour and not distinct from the heartwood

Heartwood – Pale brown with occasional gum veins and/or flecks, sometimes with pink tints

Texture – Moderately open, growth rings visible in some specimens, grain sometimes interlocked.

Wood Structure

Vessels – Medium to small, solitary, tylosed, vessel lines conspicuous.

Parenchyma – Not visible with a hand lens

Rays – Fine, visible as a darker fleck on radial surfaces

Other Features

Burning Splinter Test – A Match size splinter burns to a charcoal with no ash